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Homeschool Support Services


Unbound and Rooted was created to support parents who are interested in providing their child/children with a highly personalized education. Our goal is to help in bridging gaps in education by supporting an environment that meets each child's individual needs. We are able to do this by offering programs, resources, and advocacy for students who are homeschooled.We support homeschooling parents by helping with portfolio design, facilitating field trip opportunities, curriculum consulting, tutoring, in-person cohort opportunities, and general consulting. Overall, we offer programs that meet parents' needs in developing a tailored education for their child.


Homeschool portfolios are designed to show your homeschool evaluator how your child has progressed throughout the year. Creating homeschool portfolios does not have to be stressful. We are here to assist you in organizing your child’s portfolios (paper or digital). We will walk you through the process throughout the year in order to support you in creating it in easy bitesize steps. You will finish with not only a thorough portfolio, but also a product that preserves memories and showcases how far your child has come.

Field Trips

Field trips can bring learning to life, increase social interactions, boost moods, and give children an opportunity to be exposed to different settings. Unbound and Rooted will plan your field trips around your curriculum or interests. You will have to do nothing but show up. Due to our solid relationships that we have gained with local organizations, we can offer unique experiences that at times may be at a discounted price.

Curriculum Consulting

With so many curriculums to choose from, the thought of it can be daunting. Allow us to help you find your homeschool curriculum style. We take into consideration many factors when consulting our clients in choosing the best fit for their child/family. Whether it be online curriculum, curriculum guide books, or self/teacher-made, we can help you narrow down your homeschool curriculum choices by taking into account many factors, such as; the type of learner, budget, space, family size, ability, and time.


We offer professional, private tutoring services for short or long-term needs. Our homeschooling tutors travel to you, offering individual or multi-subject support that satisfies personal homeschooling needs and state requirements.

Academy Cohort Classes

Our students love our courses. And our data shows substantial growth in their academic achievement. 100% percent of our students are now working above grade level in either math or reading (or both).Our goal is to continue to expand and extend our model to those who are interested in being a part of our in-person learning programs. We offer a full education program that is complete with all of our offered services (selecting and teaching curriculum, portfolio development, field trips, etc.) and is tailored to each family’s needs.


Our goal is to give families the power to help create an educational environment that will spark their child's interest in learning. We want children to feel important and a part of their learning adventure. If you are looking for consulting in any of the following areas, we are an excellent resource.

  • Finding Space
  • Developing a Schedule
  • Structure and behavior management
  • Assessments
  • Child advocacy
  • Socializing
  • Fulfilling state requirements

How to enroll your child to a class ?

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