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About Us

School History

In 2020, Unbound and Rooted was founded in order to provide students and teachers with innovative approaches to creative learning and a stimulating environment. A founder of Unbound and Rooted Academy taught for 16 years in a large school district where classrooms were overcrowded, resources were scarce, and many children felt unseen. We believe that children deserve to learn in an environment that is supportive of their needs and provides them with the highest level of academic, spiritual, and social/emotional support. As our school is in the process of growing in both size and impact, our philosophy and mission will always remain the same.


We believe in the power of children. While we believe that academic learning is extremely important, we also recognize that a well-rounded education includes more. A top priority here at Unbound and Rooted Academy is relationship and value building. Through the development of sincere relationships with our students, each child is able to recognize that we have their best interest in mind. Our smaller class sizes also allow students to be seen and feel valued. We treat students with a great deal of respect, which ensures the students that their wants and needs are important here. With a focus on genuine relationship building being one major foundation of our school, it has a deep impact on both student/teacher morale and our overall school climate. We have found that students who feel safe, important and valued are much more motivated in their academics and beyond.

Christ-Centered Mission

We believe that the best way for a child to recognize their own value and the value of others around them is to teach them about the God who created each of us with love, purpose and intent. Unbound and Rooted Academy is a Christ centered school that is dedicated to helping to establish and support students in developing their own personal relationships with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Our role as a school is to equip our students with an educational and value based foundation as we encourage them to fully trust in the direction of the Lord for ultimate guidance.

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Building an educational foundation that meets the needs of the whole child through inquiry based learning!