Ashley Johnson Headmistress/Chancellor/Principal/School Director Photo

Ashley Johnson

School Director

Ashley Johnson was raised in a small town just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She grew up understanding the importance of a village helping to raise a child. She will always be grateful to the family, friends, neighbors, and teachers who contributed in many invaluable ways to her childhood development. At a young age, Ashley knew that she enjoyed working with children. Her early dream was to become a school teacher.

She graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Elementary Education. She also received a Masters Degree, specializing in reading, from Loyola University Maryland.

Upon graduation, Mrs. Johnson taught in the Baltimore City School District for 16 years. She loved and was truly dedicated to the children and families of Baltimore City. Later, she decided to start her own school to help in narrowing the gaps in education that she witnessed while working in the city.

Mrs. Johnson founded Unbounded and Rooted Academy with the goal to remind children of their limitless abilities when rooted in Christ and guided to be the best that they can be.

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Our goal is to provide this educational program for students who are marginalized.